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Media sightings

Though I have a face made for radio, I’ve been on local TV a number of times: 2004-04-14-Hackers 2004-04-14-Virus 2004-07-13-Txt 2004-09-24-BLOG 2005-03-14-Toby 2005-03-14-Toby2 2007-04-16-DST 2007-10-21-Rockies 2007-10-22-Rockies 2007-10-23-Rockies 2007-11-19-EMAIL 2007-11-19-ET 2008-04-05-Google 2008-07-01-Bank 2009-01-27-Conficker 2009-02-18-Facebook 2009-10-30-Facebook 2009-10-30-Facebook2 2009-11-20-Flexispy 2009-12-04-Texting 2010-04-02-Spokeo 2010-11-16-Facebook 2011-06-01-FakeBinLaden … Continue reading

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